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Publisher Thomas Pray (Ensign, New York Company) and Editor Jerry Knitis (Capt./Lt., New York Company) are pleased to announce the publication of the Battalion Journal, the Newsletter of Jaeger's Battalion.

Battalion Journal The Journal is the only complete resource for information about Jaeger's Battalion, including calendars of events, news from the Companies, articles on how to be a better Ranger, and more, available to you for a most reasonable price.

The Journal is printed every quarter, giving you the latest news four times a year. Recent issues have included letters to Battalion members from the Major, lists of promotions, important information from each Company, and reviews of events and news from recent engagements.

We encourage you to give the Battalion Journal a try.

In each issue you'll find:

The Journal is your Newsletter. We encourage you to send us your articles and any other pertinent historic information you think would benefit the Battalion as a whole.

Contact Tom at, for submission of articles, subscriptions and general overall Journal operation, or Jerry at for collection of articles, assembly of Journal, printing and distribution.

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The Subscription rate is $10.00 annually, or $2.50 for a single copy. Canadian subscriptions are available for $11.00, while International subscriptions are available for $12.00 annually. Back issues are available.

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