Senior Ranger Program

Jaeger's Battalion offers a voluntary program for highly motivated individuals called the "Senior Ranger Program". This involves a long term, extremely demanding set of requirements, designed to thoroughly test your Ranger skills and historical knowledge. The Senior Ranger Program is designed to reflect the multi-faceted nature of Jaeger's Battalion. It involves a number of activities that will challenge the reenactor/living historian, and add to their interpretive skills. Equally important, it will challenge the Ranger's study and research skills. We consider this to be an important part of a well balanced program, for without ongoing original research, our interpretive efforts become stilted and potentially out of date. As "Soldats du Histoire," we owe it to ourselves and to the public to constantly expand our knowledge and understanding not only of the Rangers and the French & Indian War, but of the Colonial period in general. This recognition of the importance of the academic side of history will impress the professionals at the historic sites that we visit with our commitment to accurate and realistic "living history" portrayals.

Rogers Rangers
Capt Jim Hamilton, Senior Ranger #6, receives his award at Ft. Michilimackinac, MI
Rogers Rangers


  1. Uniforms and Equipment
  2. Event Participation
  3. Ranger Skills
  4. Development of a Historical Personna
  5. Visits to Historical Sites
  6. Historical Knowledge and Research

Completed Research Paper Topics (some files are large and best viewed by right-clicking the link and saving to your computer)

  1. Tom Bradley: Born to Be Wild (Period accidents and mishaps) Published in Muzzleloader Magazine, March/April 2001
  2. Tim J. Todish: The 1758 Attack on Fort Ticonderoga Published in Muzzleloader Magazine, November/December 1999 and January/February 2000
  3. Chris Matheney: In Defense of Major Robert Rogers: An Answer to His Critics Regarding His Actions at the First and Second Battles on Snowshoes Published in On the Trail Magazine, Vol. 10 No. 5, September/October 2003 and Vol. 11 No. 4, July/August 2004 (this second part was written in response to an article Bob Bearor wrote criticizing Chris' first article)
  4. Matt Wulff: Falcons of the Lakes Published in Muzzleloader Magazine, November/December 2004
  5. Terry Cochran: The Unknown Rangers: Rogers' Rangers and the Campaigns Along the St. Lawrence River, 1758-1760
  6. Jim Hamilton: The Weapons of Rogers' Rangers
  7. Jerry Knitis: Winter Gear of Rogers' Rangers
  8. Tim Green: Castramentation of the British Army During the Seven Year's/French & Indian Wars As It Applies to Historical Reenactors
  9. Bill Blair: Jaeger's Battalion Drill Manual. This project resulted in both our written manual and also the accompanying DVD.
  10. Jim Dauthrich: A Brief History of the Units that Took Part in the Raid on Saint Francis in October 1759

Note - The following Senior Ranger Candidate(s) have not yet completed the Program, but have completed their research papers: 

Candidate Mark Helba: Know Your Enemy: A French and Indian War Intelligence Guide and Briefing on the French Military in New France 1750-1760

Rangers take care! Rangers pursuing their Senior Ranger Program qualification can contact any of the above Senior Rangers to seek advice and assistance for their project.

For more information regarding the Senior Ranger Program or enrollment, please contact Captain-Lieutenant Chris Matheney,, or at 1310 Ridgewood Way, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.

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NOTE - The NCO Manual is formatted to print for use as a pocket manual.

Rogers Rangers